Metabolism Boosting Supplements

The process of metabolism helps burning more calories to meet the body’s energy requirements. The process is also helpful in reducing weight. This article is going to discuss some of the supplements which will help you improve the rate of metabolism. Other factors which affect metabolism include the foods you eat and exercises. However, you are advised to consult a medical doctor before you start taking these supplements.


CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. This is a healthy fat which is obtained from dairy and meat products. It plays a crucial role in the muscle building process and the burning of fats in the body. You can also take this supplement if you are interested in losing weight. Taking a dose of 3.2g on a daily basis will help lose about one pound extra of your body fat ever month as compared to the other weight-loss measures. CLA also helps in boosting muscles with a minimal drop in pounds. Sources of CLA include organic milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese and grass fed beef. These supplements are readily available and can be purchased from the local pharmacies.


Zinc is one of the essential nutrients that you should never miss in your diet. It can be obtained from the following sources oysters, dark poultry meat, lean turkey, beef, and scallops. However, it is worth to note that some minerals such as phosphorus, iron, and calcium can interfere with zinc absorption process. Zinc is required by the thyroid gland to facilitate the production of thyroid hormone, which is helpful in maintaining your energy and metabolism. Zinc also plays a crucial role in controlling our appetite. The recommended dosage for men is 11 mg per day and 8 mg for women. Other sources of zinc include legumes, grains, and sesame seed. Zinc can also be obtained from a multivitamin.


Selenium is vital for your weight and health. It is mainly used by the thyroid gland to maintain metabolism. This, in turn, helps in keeping the energy and metabolism at optimum levels. Selenium can be obtained from the following food sources lamb or turkey, shrimp, cod, tuna, barley, crimini mushrooms, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds.



Catechins can be obtained from the green tea. The body uses it in protecting the natural stimulants found in the body. Stimulants play a critical role in boosting the cell’s activities thereby increasing the body’s need for more energy. Catechins help the body in burning more calories by stimulating the fat-burning process.